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Send emails to journalists with Pitches
Getting Started with Pitches
Send pitches to a media list or individual media contacts
Send pitches to a media list or individual media contacts
Email media contacts for your campaign directly from Muck Rack by sending Pitches!
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Sending a pitch to the contacts on your media list or one contact is simple on Muck Rack. 

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Send emails to contacts on a Media List

  1. Select the Media List you'd like to pitch from

  2. Click Send Pitch at the top of your media list

  3. Click New Pitch or add the journalists on your Media List to an existing pitch

4. (Optional) Add additional Media Lists to a single Pitch

If you're adding multiple Media Lists to the same pitch, Muck Rack will automatically de-dupe the contacts across those various lists.

Send a previously sent Pitch to additional people

Do you find yourself wanting to send the same Pitch to more people after the original Pitch has already been sent? No problem! —

You can add additional recipients to any sent Pitch. To do so, click into the sent Pitch here, then click send to more people at the top of the page. You can add multiple recipients in bulk by selecting a media list, or you can add a single recipient:

After adding additional recipients to a previously sent Pitch, any changes made to the body of the Pitch in the Compose step before the Pitch is sent again will be reflected in the email that is sent to those additional recipients.

To edit the contents of the Pitch before sending it to additional recipients, navigate to the Review & send tab and click Edit message:

Note: Sent Pitches cannot be deleted.

Pitches are only available to accounts with annual subscriptions. Contact if you would like to learn more about upgrading your monthly subscription to annual to include Pitches.

Pitch the author of any article

With Muck Rack’s quick pitch bookmarklet, you can easily send a pitch to the author of any article.

  1. Create a new bookmark in your browser

  2. Copy and paste the text below into the URL field


3. When reading an article, click the bookmarklet to automatically create a new Pitch to any authors Muck Rack identifies from the article.

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