Sending Pitch Follow-ups
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To create a new follow-up, go to the Pitches page and select an existing Pitch. When viewing your Pitch, you can select recipients to include in your follow-up either in bulk, or by using the checkboxes next to an individual contact's name.

Check out the video below on sending pitch follow-ups:

Check out the Academy for our course on sending Pitches through Muck Rack!

Send a follow-up to all pitch recipients

Click Send follow-up at the top of the page.

Send a follow-up to select recipients

Select the desired recipients using the checkboxes next to their name, then click Send follow-up from the blue action bar.

Each follow-up will include the text (even if personalized) of your previously sent Pitch, and it will appear in the recipient’s email inbox as threaded like any other follow-up email. Sending a follow-up Pitch does count towards your email limits.

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