Picture this: You have a list of 20 journalists to invite to an exclusive event next week. They all need a personalized message that shows you’ve done your homework, know what they cover, and are inviting them for a reason. You won’t settle for sending out a mass email because you know journalists won’t take the invitation seriously, so you settle in for a long night of manual work.

Who has time for that? 

Pitches on Muck Rack transforms how you send personalized emails in bulk, track metrics about your outreach and organize your company’s relationship history with every journalist.

Sending personalized emails in bulk

Emails are most powerful when they’re personalized. Muck Rack makes sending hyper-targeted pitches to the right journalists easier than ever imagined. Unlike other platforms used for reaching multiple journalists at one time, Muck Rack helps you maintain a personal, one-to-one connection with each message sent.   

Using Pitches on Muck Rack streamlines your current email sending process by:

  • Including fields (e.g. first name) for recipients with information from their profile

  • Allowing for quick customization of the content in each recipient’s email

  • Having a team dedicated to updating bounced or incorrect email addresses (for you to then resend your email).

Tracking key email metrics

For PR people, email pitches have lived in a grey area without any clear way to measure effectiveness for too long. As you media relations masters know, there isn’t room for error or guessing when sending embargoed stories and news to journalists. 

With real, hard data about emails you send to through Muck Rack, you’ll be able to:

  • Prove the effectiveness of your pitches and when you’ve been successful

  • Maintain your media lists with journalists who actually want to receive content from you

  • Determine which journalists to follow up with and when

  • Understand crucial feedback from journalists that choose to unsubscribe from future pitches

Following up

Pitches on Muck Rack now makes sending personalized follow-ups in bulk seamless. 

All too often, a pitch is sent to a group of journalists, and a few days later a standard “Hey, did you see this email?” follow-up is sent to the exact same group. 

The ability to send personalized follow-ups to journalists means that speed and quality relationships with journalists are not sacrificed during the pitching process. 

Organizing your relationship history

Anyone who has maintained an unwieldy list of journalists, including the last time they were contacted, in a spreadsheet knows it isn’t the answer to making your team smarter, faster and more organized. As you build meaningful relationships, having records of which teammates interacted with a journalist and how the conversation went is too important to be buried in one person’s inbox. 

The emails you send through Muck Rack are automatically tracked on each journalist’s profile so you can:

  • Easily see which teammates have interacted with a journalist

  • Take steps to avoid journalists receiving two (or more) pitches from multiple people on your team 

  • Identify which journalists your team reached out to for specific campaigns 

Get started by sending a pitch or contact our team with any questions! 

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