Creating a new Media List
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Creating a Media List on Muck Rack starts with a search. Once you've ran a search under People, you can either select individual reporters to add to a Media List or you can select multiple reporters at a time.

Watch the video below to learn how to create a new media list:

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Create a New Media List

To individually select reporters to add to your Media List, click on the checkbox to the left-hand side of their name. Then, click Add to Media Lists. After typing in a title for your new Media List, click Create New.

In order to add reporters to a Media List in bulk, click the checkbox at the top of the results page. This will select the first 25 reporters in view on the initial results page.

When searching for reporters on Muck Rack, we automatically sort your results based on Relevancy or how often that person writes about the keywords. Because of this, we intentionally help you focus on the top 25 reporters on any results screen since the results become less relevant as you scroll.

If you’d like to reach beyond the top 25 reporters in any search, you can always scroll to the bottom of the results before selecting all of the journalists to add to your Media List.


I added additional people to my Media List, but the number is decreasing.

If you’d like to open a Media List after adding People to it from Search, make sure you are clicking on the “out” icon to the right of your list’s name.

Try re-adding people and following the instructions above. If you’re still encountering issues with your list, contact our support team.

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