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Set up Muck Rack Alerts to find new press hits, mentions of any keyword or company in journalists' tweets, and the relevant people to build relationships with. You can set up Alerts from scratch or directly from your search results. 

Check out the video below to learn how to create a new alert:

Check out the Academy for our course on creating alerts!

Learn how to edit your existing alerts in this article.

Create a new alert

We recommend creating your first Alert from a search results page, so you can get a feel for the type of content that you'd be receiving in your Alert emails going forward.

  1. Run a keyword search for people or articles

  2. Apply any filters on the left-hand side that you'd like to be accounted for in your Alert such as language or location

  3. Click Create Alert in the top-right corner

If you feel confident in setting up an Alert from scratch without seeing a preview of the results, you can navigate directly to

Our team is always happy to review keyword strings and queries you're planning to use for your media monitoring. Don't hesitate to message us through the chat icon in the bottom right corner.

Creating an Alert from a Media List:

Filter any Alert by your Media Lists to receive results only from the journalists on a Media List. For example, if you’ve built a Media List of people attending or covering an event in your city, you can receive an email anytime they mention a specific topic or keyword. Keep in mind, content from your team’s Custom Contacts will not appear in Alerts.

  1. Click on Media Lists under Relationships

  2. Select the Media List you would like to filter by in your Alert

  3. Click the More dropdown in the top-right

  4. Select Create Alert

Creating an Alert for an individual reporter's bylines:

Have a list of top reporters you are looking to monitor? Muck Rack allows you to proactively set up Alerts for individual journalists so you can receive a notification in your inbox whenever they write a new article.

  1. Click on any person's profile page in Muck Rack

  2. Select Create Alert

  3. Click Save

If you’d like to monitor specific coverage that the reporter is publishing, type in the relevant keywords in the Terms to monitor section of the Alert settings before clicking Save.

Using alerts to automate a coverage report:

When creating a new alert, you will be provided with the option to automate a Coverage Report, which will automatically add new articles or broadcast clips to the report when new coverage is discovered. This will ensure your Coverage Report is regularly updated with relevant media mentions.

When updating the alert, you can choose an existing coverage report to automate, or create a new one.

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