Troubleshoot Coverage Reports
Something not working like you'd expect?
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Are you missing coverage in one of your Coverage Reports? If so, reach out to our team with the article URLs you are not seeing in your report. These are the steps and questions we'll ask to identify the root cause:

  • Does your report query match text contained in the article?

  • Do you have any filters applied that could be limiting the articles from being included?

  • Did we download those articles into our database? If not, we can look into setting up additional tracking for those sites.

Let us know if you have a list of top-tier or trade publications that you want to ensure we're tracking. We're constantly growing the number of media outlets and articles included in our database.

If you’re experiencing problems with articles or metrics not appearing correctly in your Coverage Report, chat with us using the conversation bubble in the bottom right corner when logged into Muck Rack

Please include the following information so we can assist you quickly:

  • Name of Coverage Report(s) that are experiencing issues 

  • URLs of the articles that are incorrect

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