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Creating, editing, and exporting a Coverage Comparisons Report
Creating, editing, and exporting a Coverage Comparisons Report
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You can create a new Coverage Comparison report in a couple of different and simple ways.

Watch the video below to learn how to build a Coverage Comparisons report:

Creating Coverage Comparisons Reports

From Coverage Comparisons

  1. Click Coverage Comparisons from the Reporting dropdown in the navigation

  2. Click Create New

  3. Give your Coverage Comparison a Name and select up to 10 previously built Coverage Reports to include in your comparison  

  4. Click Save

At least two Coverage Reports must be selected to create a Coverage Comparison. Each Coverage Comparison can include up to 10 Coverage Reports. If you’d like to compare more reports, send us a note, and we’ll do our best to help.

From your list of Coverage Reports

  1. From Coverage Reports, click the checkbox located to the left of at least two individual Coverage Report titles

  2. Click Compare

  3. Name your Coverage Comparison

  4. Click Save

Editing the dates of articles included in your Coverage Comparison

To change the date of an article in your Coverage Comparison, click the data point in the chart or graph that is incorrect. You’ll be brought to the Coverage Report where the incorrect article is saved. Find the article, click the menu for that article and edit the date. Saving the new date will automatically update your Coverage Comparison.

Exporting the data from a Coverage Comparison

Export any of the charts or graphs in your Coverage Comparison by clicking Export on the chart in the top-right. To export the data in your Coverage Comparison to Excel, go to your Coverage Reports, open the Coverage Reports in your Coverage Comparison, and export each report individually.

Do Coverage Comparisons automatically update?

Yes! Coverage Comparisons automatically update when new articles are added or metrics are updated in any of the Coverage Reports included in your Coverage Comparison.

If you are automatically populating Coverage Reports with your Muck Rack Alerts, whenever a new article is added to your Coverage Report, your Coverage Comparison will be updated, too.

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