Is my entire organization required to use two-factor authentication?

Yes! Because multiple people in your organization can access Muck Rack, it’s important that everyone follows the same security best practices.

When your entire organization is required to enable two-factor authentication, all users with a Muck Rack account will set up two-factor authentication when they log in to their account next.

How do I set up two-factor authentication?

You can choose to set up two-factor authentication either via an authentication app (popular ones are Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and Authy) or via text message. When creating a new Muck Rack account you will be prompted to make your desired selection in this step:

If you are worried about needing your phone nearby to access your Muck Rack account, you can download Authy to your computer.

Can I change my two-factor authentication method?

Sure can!

  1. Head to your Account Settings

  2. Click Change your method under Two-factor authentication in the Security section

I haven’t received a text message with my code yet! Help? 

Not to worry! 

  1. Click previous to return one step

  2. Re-enter your phone number and proceed to send the code again

If you still do not receive the two-factor authentication code, contact us at, and we’ll help! 

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