With Media Outlet search you can discover outlets by criteria such as location, name, keywords and more. From there, you can view outlet descriptions and metrics, people at an outlet and the articles they’ve published.

Here are three ways you can use Media Outlet Search on Muck Rack:

  1. Find contact info and metrics for Media Outlets
    Every media outlet on Muck Rack has a profile with contact info, recent articles, and metrics like unique visitors per month, audience and domain authority. From Media Outlet Search results (and anywhere else on Muck Rack), view an outlet’s profile by clicking its name. 

  2. Build Media Lists after finding Media Outlets
    Running a campaign in an area you’re less familiar with? Use Muck Rack’s Media Outlet Search to find all of the outlets in a location. Then, click View People to see a list of journalists at those outlets. From there, add them to any existing or new Media List on Muck Rack or enter keywords to find journalists at an outlet covering the relevant topics for your campaign. 

  3. Search coverage from Media Outlets and create reports
    Need to find a media outlet’s past coverage about a company or campaign? Select media outlets from your search results, and click Find Articles. Enter a search term or add a filter for more specific results, then add articles to a Coverage Report to generate data and insights for your next campaign. 

Have questions about how Media Outlet Search can help you build more targeted Media Lists and generate insights about an outlet’s coverage? Contact us

Here's a great guide on search best practices to help refine and target your results.

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