Grab metrics for an individual article
Run a URL through Who Shared My Link and gain access to social shares, journalist shares, and unique visitors per month
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Find out how many times the article was shared, which journalists & bloggers shared it, and the unique visitors per month on the site provided by SimilarWeb via Who Shared My Link.

  1. Select Who Shared My Link? under the Reporting dropdown

  2. Paste the article URL you're looking to measure

  3. Click Calculate shares

Save time by adding the View article metrics Muck Rack Bookmarklet directly to your bookmarks.

  1. Click on the Resources dropdown from the navigation

  2. Select Bookmarklets

  3. Drag and drop the View article metrics bookmarklet button into your bookmarks bar

Now, you can access the Who Shared My Link tool directly from an article you're viewing on a publication's site via your bookmarks bar.

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