Add notes to journalist profiles to keep track of intel, outreach efforts and team collaboration. Whether notes are private or shared with your team, ensure a journalist’s inbox is not oversaturated or double pitched.

An Activity can be organized in the following categories:


Add a free form note to indicate preferred pitch method, personal connection, or interesting fact about your contact. 

Email Log

Record outreach history with your contact. If pitching through Muck Rack, your campaign will automatically populate and allow you click directly through to the pitching dashboard. Use the Email Logging feature to forward or BCC emails into Muck Rack and have them automatically tracked as an Email log. Option to manually add pitch information.

Meeting Note

Add a note from a meeting with the journalist. A meeting note provides the option to include the date and time of the meeting.

Event Note

Similar to a meeting note, but also adds the option to include the location of the event.


Actions such as adding/removing a journalist to a media list are automatically added to the profile.  

Activity across Muck Rack is stored here and can be filtered by user, action and dates.

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