How was my Muck Rack page created?
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Anyone can create a profile on Muck Rack, but you may find that a Muck Rack profile with your name already exists. If you see a profile with your name already in our database, don’t worry, there is not another person trying to claim your work or pose as you!

Muck Rack finds new articles published at media outlets around the world and then uses technology to identify the author of any article. When we identify the author, we add the article to that journalist’s existing Muck Rack profile or we create a Muck Rack profile for them. 

Muck Rack’s technology does most of the work in adding recent bylines to Muck Rack profiles, however, our world-class Editorial Team (made of real humans!) works everyday to polish and maintain Muck Rack profiles, too. You can also edit the information on your Muck Rack profile -- get started by signing up for an account here and following the instructions here.

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