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Why are there articles on my page that I didn’t write?
Why are there articles on my page that I didn’t write?
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While Muck Rack’s automatic scraper does the heavy lifting of accumulating everyone’s work and creating Muck Rack profiles, it isn’t always perfect - especially when it comes to two separate authors with the same name. For this reason, real-life humans on Muck Rack’s Editorial Team work everyday to make sure that each profile is kept as up to date as possible and that bylines appear correctly on the right author’s page.

Claiming your profile will grant you access to make edits to the majority of your profile, but any edits to bylines must be made by our Editorial Team to ensure correct attribution. You may flag incorrect bylines by selecting the Wrong byline? option or reach out to us directly and we’ll work to make the necessary corrections. Be sure to provide as much details as possible to ensure the issue gets resolved as soon as possible.

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