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How can I add items to the ‘Articles’ section of my profile?
How can I add items to the ‘Articles’ section of my profile?
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Our scraper lends a helping hand of pulling in the bylines of writers to create Muck Rack profiles, but sometimes an article can be missed or scraped without an author having been assigned. If you have an article that you would like to add to your profile, you can use our Who Shared My Link tool to post your work on to the articles section of your page.

Just enter the link to your article into the box and click 'Calculate Shares.' This will:

  1. Automatically pull the article into our database

  2. Assign it to your page

  3. Provide you with the information on how many times your article was shared on different social media platforms

  4. Show you who shared your article on social media (only for verified journalists)

If the article was not assigned to your page or you have a large number of articles you’d like to add, reach out to the Editorial Team at and we’ll be able to help.

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