What should I include in my Muck Rack profile?
How do I make the most of my free page?
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Once you’ve claimed your Muck Rack profile, there are quite a few ways to personalize your page to make sure that the right PR professionals are contacting you about the stories you are interested in writing and the topics you want to cover. Once you log into Muck Rack, you can make edits by hovering over “Your profile” and click “Edit profile”.

Bio & Title

If your profile already has your Twitter account linked, Muck Rack will automatically pull your picture from your Twitter page and add it to your profile. If you do not have Twitter, or would like to use a picture other than the one attached to your Twitter handle, you can add an image of yourself here.

With a short bio, you can tell PR professionals and other journalists about your background and work history, as well as any information you think could be helpful for those who are trying to contact you.

Don’t forget to update your title, location and pronouns to make sure you are addressed properly and you’re receiving pitches relevant to where you live!

Contact information

Muck Rack encourages you to add an updated email address and/or phone number to your page, which you can change here. Here you will also find options to hide your contact information on your page - all you need to do is check the boxes that say ‘Hide my xxx from all users’

Pitch preferences

We’re on a mission to stop PR spam. Share some info in this section about how you prefer to be pitched new stories by PR people. Answer any and all questions. You can add more details at the bottom.

Custom URL

If you're a verified journalist on Muck Rack, we provide the option to personalize the URL of your page. We will also redirect any information from the old URL to the new one, so all links to your page will be preserved.


In this section of your profile, you can link your Twitter handle, provide your job title, select your beats and enter the media outlets which you currently write for and have written for in the past. You can also add your location here, as well! To ensure the integrity of our listings, Muck Rack’s human Editorial Team reviews all verification requests against our set of criteria for journalist verification. If you have any questions about your verification, please contact the Editorial Team directly at hello@muckrack.com.


To find out how to update your portfolio and to learn more about what should be included, check our the “What should be included in my portfolio?” section.

Social Links

As social media has become an important part of journalism and content creation, we’ve created a space for you to not only add links to all of your social media accounts, but in the Social Links section, you can also add a link to a personal webpage and blog, as well as links to your contact form and RSS feeds, should you have them.


Social Media may not be for everyone, so we’ve included other ways for journalists and content creators to highlight their professional accomplishments! In the awards section, you can note any awards and nominations you have received throughout your career.


In the Interview tab, you get a chance to answer the questions, for once! The entire interview takes about 10 minutes and will provide PR professionals and other journalists with some fun facts about you and your career.


Muck Rack takes every precaution to protect the privacy of both our users and the journalists and content creators we include in our database. While our Muck Rack profiles are automatically created and updated using RSS Feeds, we understand that not everyone will want to have a Muck Rack page. In the Privacy tab of your profile, you can change your privacy settings to hide your articles from being seen, or even hide your page completely. You can find out more about Muck Rack’s Privacy Policy here: https://muckrack.com/privacy.

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