How do I add items to my Portfolio?
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Now that your Muck Rack profile has been claimed and personalized, you can begin to build your portfolio to display your best articles front and center on your profile.

Once you log into your Muck Rack page, click on 'Your Profile' and choose 'Add to Portfolio' from the dropdown.

After you enter the link to your article into the search box and click ‘Add item,’ Muck Rack will automatically grab the title, description, thumbnail image and outlet name of your article. If your clip is not online or doesn't have a URL, Muck Rack also provides an option to add PDFs to your portfolio.

As your portfolio is located above your articles section on your profile, you’ll want to be sure you include your best works in your portfolio, as these articles will be highlighted at the top of your page. While the articles section of your page will show your work in chronological order, starting with the most recent, the portfolio of your page allows you to display an important piece of work that may have otherwise been pushed down by more recent articles. The more you can add to your portfolio, the better!

One thing to note is that when you add an article to your portfolio, it does not automatically add the clip to the articles section of your profile. To add an article to the articles section of your profile, follow the instructions listed out here.

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