Importing Media Lists from Excel, Google Sheets, and more
Can I upload my media lists from Excel or Google Sheets to Muck Rack?
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Our Editorial Team can add media List Imports of 25 or more contacts upon request. Once uploaded, any updates or changes to Muck Rack's database will be reflected on your lists, including new titles, beats, media outlets, and contact information.

Request Media List Imports:

To request media list imports, message the team via the chat button in the bottom-right corner of your screen while you're logged in to Muck Rack. Attach your media lists as Excel spreadsheets (.csv or .xlsx) or as Google Sheet links with as much of the following information as possible:

  1. First name*

  2. Last name*

  3. Email*

  4. Job titles

  5. Media outlets

  6. Twitter handles

  7. Notes (Can be added as activities or contact preferences)

  8. Mailing addresses

NOTE: If your team only has first and last names included in an import but no email addresses, please contact your Customer Success Manager for additional information on how we can assist with your request.

Example Spreadsheet Format

Contacts not found in our database:

If any of your contacts don't match existing profiles or don't meet our criteria to be added to the main database, they will be added as Custom Contacts for your team. Custom contacts are owned solely by your organization and will not be maintained by Muck Rack's Editors.

Additional Information:

When submitting the Media List, you can provide additional information for the team:

  • How the list should be organized on your account. For example, as one master media list or as individual lists.

  • Whether or not the team should import mailing addresses to your contacts

  • Where you would like notes to appear (activities or as contact preferences)

The turnaround time for these requests will depend on the size and complexity of the request. Media list imports will typically be completed in 1 to 10 business days but may take longer. Import ETA will be communicated after a submission is made.

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