What is the Who Shared My Link tool?
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Who Shared My Link is one of Muck Rack’s most popular features for PRs as well as journalists. In addition to importing most any article into Muck Rack and assigning it to the author’s page, the tool helps journalists get information regarding engagement, readership, and social reach.

After pasting the URL into the Who Shared field and clicking Calculate Shares, you can instantly see:

  • Details on who wrote the article and where it was published

  • Information on journalists listed on Muck Rack who shared the article

  • Article metrics showing the total number of social shares, reach, and sentiment.

  • Outlet metrics showing information on the outlet as well digital metrics like UVM and Domain authority

This makes it easy for you to demonstrate the impact of your work with your editor, potential clients or employers, PR professionals, and experts in your niche. With the click of a button, you can add a link to a report and export that to PDF or Excel.

Be sure to save the bookmarklet to your browser for quick and easy access anywhere on the web! https://muckrack.com/bookmarklets

Click here to read more about the social share data or here for other metrics that Muck Rack provides.

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