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The Muck Rack email suppression list includes which email addresses you cannot send to through the platform.

There are two categories of email issues that exist: unsubscribed and undeliverable email addresses. Sending emails to unsubscribed or undeliverable email addresses can cause problems preventing delivery of future emails.

The email suppression list can be found under Organization Settings within the Pitches settings and information section.

Unsubscribed email addresses

Unsubscribed email addresses are automatically added to the email suppression list when a recipient marks a Pitch sent through Muck Rack as spam or if they were to click the unsubscribe link optionally included in an email sent through Muck Rack.

If a recipient is unsubscribed from an email that did not include an unsubscribe link, it is fair to assume they or their email servers marked the email as spam.

Undeliverable email addresses

Undeliverable email addresses are automatically added to your suppression list when an email sent to a recipient through Muck Rack results in a bounce. There are many different reasons an email address can result in a bounce, and even email addresses that were previously successful in the past could return a bounce at any time.

Common reason emails become undeliverable

Blocked email or aggressive spam filters

Emails can be blocked by a receiving server for a number of reasons. Many servers will block messages over a certain size, emails that use the wrong format and messages that appear to be spam. A mail server may block your email for strict spam filters or other technical problems that are unavoidable and out of your control as the sender.

Email server is overloaded or unavailable

Even the most robust server can only handle so much traffic. An undeliverable email means that the receiving email server is unavailable, was overloaded, or couldn’t be found. A server that can’t be found could have crashed, could be under maintenance or could be permanently removed.

Mailbox full

Few email providers allow unlimited storage. If your contact has too many emails in their inbox and they can’t receive more, the email you send via Muck Rack will not be delivered. Sometimes this can mean that the contact is no longer using that email address.

There is an email address listed on the suppression list, but it’s the correct email for this contact. What happened?

There are many common reasons that an email address may result in a bounce.

If you believe that an email address on your email suppression list is correct, please contact us and we are happy to investigate why the recipient is your email suppression list.

A recipient is marked as undeliverable, did the email land in their junk or spam folder?

No. An undeliverable email doesn’t make it as far as the junk or spam folder. If the email was sent to a recipient's junk folder, their email address will not appear on the suppression list.

What happens when an email address is on the email suppression list?

Emails that are on the email suppression list cannot be added as recipients to future pitches.

How to request an email is removed from your email suppression list

If there is an email address on the suppression list that should be removed, contact us with the email address of the person on the recipient list and confirmation that the person would like to continue receiving emails (e.g. a response to another email you’ve sent the recipient since they were added to your email suppression list in Muck Rack).

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