Scheduling pitches

Discover how to schedule a pitch to be sent at a later date/time

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Need to send a pitch for your campaign in the morning or within a different time zone? Schedule your pitch for a future date and time by following the steps below.

  1. In the Review & send step, locate the Choose when to send this Pitch option

  2. Click Schedule for later

  3. Select the date and time and click Set

  4. Click Schedule Pitch in the bottom right

Editing or canceling a scheduled pitch

To cancel a scheduled pitch:

  1. Navigate to your pitches by clicking Relationships in the top navigation bar, then selecting Pitches from the dropdown.

  2. By default, you'll be taken to the All tab of your pitches.

  3. Click the Scheduled tab.

  4. Select the pitch you want to edit from the list.

  5. On the Review & Send tab of the pitch, scroll down to the Before you send section where you'll see the current schedule in place.

  6. To cancel the scheduled pitch, click Cancel.

  7. Alternatively, you can click Edit schedule to update the pitch to send at a different date or time.

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