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With the click of a button, Muck Rack Alerts will make sure you get notified in your inbox whenever your stories are picked up or tweeted. You can also use them to track stories and tweets about any company, brand, story angle, other journalists and more. Your Muck Rack Alerts quickly tell you when other journalists are sharing information or publishing stories related to your work.

Working on breaking news? Set up your Muck Rack Alerts to be delivered multiple times per day so you know whenever another journalist uncovers new information about a story you're working on. Need to stay in the know about various topics? Use once per day Muck Rack Alerts to get a digest of the most relevant information for any topic. As much as journalists love scrolling through social media, Muck Rack brings the news you need directly to your inbox.

Click here for information on setting up alerts in Muck Rack and making them highly targeted and relevant for you.

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