Why does Muck Rack create these profiles?
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In the course of researching yourself or fellow journalists, you've no doubt come across a Muck Rack profile. You've probably asked yourself how we do it. We talk about that more here.

What we would like to share here is why we do it. Ever since the inception of Muck Rack, we've been building free tools to help journalists expand their online footprint, measure their impact, maintain portfolios, more-easily discover each other's work, and more. 

Our automatic profile creation has been especially helpful for journalists who are frequently writing for multiple publications, have worked at publications that don't maintain a repository of their work, and for those who don't want to constantly organize their own online portfolios after every article is published. 

While we encourage journalists to promote their Muck Rack profiles, we realize that not everyone may want to have a page in our database. To remove your profile from Muck Rack, you can make edits to your privacy settings here: https://muckrack.com/profile/privacy.

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