All recipients of Pitches sent through Muck Rack are given a status. The status reflects if an email was sent, if the recipient interacted with your email or if the email was unable to be delivered because of an issue or suppression.


Email was successfully sent to recipient.


Email has not been sent to recipient. Click Continue sending to send all Unsent emails.


Emails will be sent at the selected time in the future.


Recipient opened email in their email client (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo)


Recipient clicked a hyperlinked text or image included in the email.


Email was successfully sent to recipient, but it is unknown if they’ve opened the email in their email client.


Email was not successfully delivered to recipient because the email was invalid or no email address was available.


Recipient has unsubscribed from emails sent by your organization. Learn more about unsubscribes and email suppressions.

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