Pitches that are not successfully delivered to a recipient are categorized as an Issue. Issues occur if a recipient’s email was invalid and resulted in a bounceback or if there wasn’t an email address available at the time your Pitch was sent. 

After sending your Pitch, recipients categorized as an Issue will be personally researched by Muck Rack’s team. Once all Issues have been researched, you’ll receive an automatic email notifying you that research is complete. Our team doesn’t research issues for recipients who are Custom Contacts, but if you provide a new email address we will be happy to update it.

If a new email address is found for a recipient

Muck Rack’s team will update the status for the recipient from Issue to Unsent. This allows you to choose if you’d like to send the pitch to the recipient or if you’d prefer to remove them from the Pitch. 

To send the Pitch to any recipients who were changed from Issue to Unsent, click the Continue sending button from your Pitch. 

If a new email address is not found for a recipient

Muck Rack’s team will leave the status of the recipient as an Issue and update the recipient’s Issue status. The issue status can be viewed by selecting the Issues filter from your Pitch, or clicking the row for a recipient included in your Pitch. 

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