Troubleshooting sending errors
What happens when an email is not delivered successfully?
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When emails are not delivered successfully, they will appear under the Issues category from your pitches dashboard. This article describes common errors you may encounter under Issues.

Resending failed pitches

Oftentimes, resending the pitch can resolve issues. Visit our article on resending pitches to learn more.

Common Errors

Error: “Email address connection has expired or been revoked.”

  1. Select Disconnect Email here.

  2. Select Connect Email on that same page

  3. If you still run into issues, please let us know by selecting the chat icon in the lower right.

If your Email Integration becomes disconnected, it could be for several reasons. The below steps might help reconnect you:

  1. If you recently reset your password, re-authenticate your email in Account settings with your new password.

  2. For Microsoft and Office 365 users, if your IT team has a conditional access policy in place, this could also cause your email to disconnect integrations. Talk with your IT team about creating a policy that is not restrictive and has long session timeouts. More information here.

If you are running into Exchange server technical errors

If you receive technical issues on your pitch due to the Exchange server being too busy, you can easily turn off throttling in EWS to resolve the issue by following these instructions here.

Troubleshooting a failed test pitch

If you have encountered a problem sending your test pitches, either during Email Integration or when sending a drafted pitch, please review the article located here.

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