The number of Unsent recipients in your Pitch can change as new recipients are added to your Pitch (before they are sent the pitch) by you or your teammates. The number can also change as Muck Rack’s team finds a new email address for recipients that were previously categorized as an Issue

When Muck Rack’s team finds a new email address for the recipient, the Issue status will automatically change to Unsent because they have yet to receive your Pitch. 

Pitch issues can occasionally be caused by your email server stopping the pitch from sending. You can determine the cause of a pitching issue by referencing the issue status under the Issues tab of your pitch dashboard.

Sending to "Unsent" recipients

From your Pitch, click Continue sending in the yellow banner. You will be brought back to your Pitch where you can proceed by personalizing each recipient’s email, scheduling your Pitch for the future, or sending right away.

Resending pitches from the "Issues" Tab

If your pitch failed to send (as shown in the screenshot below), you can select the pitch and click Resend Pitch to try sending it again directly from the Issues tab.

Note: If your pitch is still undeliverable or we do not have an email for the recipient, it will still be categorized under the Issues tab.

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