What are Relationship Owners? 

Relationship Owners allow you to assign your teammates to a journalist to help track and manage your team’s most important relationships. The teammates who have been assigned on a journalist profile page are Relationship Owners. 

How do I assign Relationship Owners? 

From any journalist’s profile page, assign teammates who have worked with that journalist most directly in the Relationship Owner field. Click Assign teammates to add your first Relationship Owner and adjust Relationship Owners by clicking Change.

Any change to the Relationship Owner in Muck Rack will be automatically tracked as an Activity so you can see how your relationships evolve over time.

Why is tracking Relationship Owners important?   

Building and maintaining meaningful relationships with journalists isn’t easy. Tracking all of the pitches sent, social media interactions, real life meetings and event invites is crucial, but sometimes you just need to know who on your team has the best relationship with a journalist. 

That’s where Relationship Owners come in. With Relationship Owners, anyone in your organization can quickly tell who already has the strongest connection with a journalist.

Relationship Owners on Muck Rack will: 

  • Save you from digging through old emails to discover who's had the most success with a journalist in the past

  • Automatically track how relationships evolve over team with new Activities created for each Relationship Owner change

  • Appear in your Media Lists and exports for quickly reviewing the up-to-date information generated by your team at your fingertips

  • Help manage maintaining relationships with journalists if teammates are on vacation or no longer work for your company

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