Teammate roles and access explained
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Muck Rack makes it easy for you and your teammates to collaborate with each other. Roles designate which users have the ability to add, change or remove permissions for other teammates in your organization. Access determines which features on Muck Rack your teammates are able to use. 


There are two types of roles on Muck Rack: Admins and Teammates.


Admins are allowed to add, remove or change other teammates’ access to Muck Rack. Admins can be given full access or limited access on Muck Rack. 

How to become an Admin

Any existing Admin in your organization can add or remove Admin access for another teammate. View your team’s existing Admins from your Team page.

If there is not an Admin currently assigned for your organization, contact


Teammates are not allowed to add, remove or change other teammates’ access on Muck Rack. The features they are allowed to use on Muck Rack are determined by their access. 


Teammates who have not accepted their invitation to join your organization on Muck Rack will appear as invited on your Team page. Invitations can be resent or revoked entirely. 


Teammates who no longer have full or limited access to Muck Rack appear as deactivated. Deactivated teammates cannot login to Muck Rack. When a teammate is no longer employed by your organization, we recommend deactivating their account. 

Deactivated users will still appear throughout Muck Rack (e.g. as a Media List creator or Relationship Owner) so you can accurately track your organization’s history and interactions with journalists as your team evolves. 

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