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How to find Broadcast Clips on Muck Rack
How to find Broadcast Clips on Muck Rack
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Discovering content that aired on television or radio is simple in Muck Rack. Once you’ve returned to Muck Rack, select the Broadcast tab. Then, enter a keyword, select a station or choose a date range. 

Like searching for People, Articles and Media Outlets, you can select additional filters (such as location, network, program, media type) from the search results.

Additional steps for searching for Broadcast Clips

Try variations of your keywords

Closed-caption text can interpret the spoken word of a television or radio clip in many ways. For example, a number may be represented with numerals or letters (e.g. 33 vs. thirty-three), and similar names may default to the most common spelling (e.g. Steven vs. Stephen).

Search by date range and station
Having trouble finding a clip by keyword but know when it aired? Try searching by the station the clip aired on and selecting a date range. Then use the thumbnails in search results to identify the time when a key person was being interviewed, statistic displayed or footage shown. If unable to identify the clip by the thumbnail, try playing a clip and listening for relevant mentions. Click Search Surrounding Clips to view clips that happened before and after the clip you’re viewing.

Find an article that corresponds to the clip

If the clip you’re looking for was published by a Media Outlet, use Muck Rack’s article search to see if an article was published that also mentions your keywords. Review the article for more general keywords (e.g. a common phrase instead of a company name). Then, run a broadcast search for the general keywords filtered by the station where the clip aired.

Still not able to find a clip? It could be because:

  • The clip was aired in a broadcast market that is not available in Muck Rack

  • Closed-caption text was incorrectly parsed or omitted a portion of the broadcast segment

  • There was an outage in the broadcast stream for a market or location

If you’d like help confirming if a clip is available in Muck Rack, contact us and our team will help find the clip or determine if it is not available through our broadcast partner, TVEyes.

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