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How long are broadcast clips available for in Muck Rack?
How long are broadcast clips available for in Muck Rack?
We partner with TVEyes to pull in all radio and television clips available within the Broadcast tab
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By default, broadcast clips that are not saved will be available to view for 30 days for the video/audio footage and 90 days for the transcript.

Saving a broadcast clip on your account ensures that access to the video, audio, and transcript of a clip will not expire. Clips are saved to the cloud so they can be viewed by anyone via the Saved Broadcast Clip's URL.

You can reference this chart below to learn more about the availability of Broadcast clip data in Muck Rack:

To save a clip, click play, set the Start and End time, and select Save Clip.

Access your Saved Broadcast Clips by clicking on the Reporting drop down from the navigation bar below.

You can add Saved Broadcast Clips to any Coverage Reports on your account, too.

Please note that if you add Broadcast clips to your Coverage Report without saving, the clip retains only the transcript and clip data after 90 days. All other unsaved clips retain the video and audio 30 days from airing and the transcript 90 days from airing.

Saved Broadcast Clips are meant for Internal Use Only. All content is copyrighted by its respective owners.

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