Updating your teammate’s access or role on Muck Rack is simple. Navigate to your Team by clicking your profile image and selecting Manage teammates.

Adding new teammates

  1. Click Add teammate

  2. Enter your teammate’s first name, last name and email address. All new user accounts must be associated with an individual person only. Generic email addresses (e.g. team@domain.com) cannot be setup on Muck Rack.  When a generic address is added, the teammate will be deactivated and you will be contacted to add a new email address. 

  3. Select the teammate’s Role

  4. Click Send invitation

After you send the invitation, your teammate will receive an email with a link to accept the invitation. Your teammate can start using Muck Rack immediately after accepting the invitation. It's worth noting that invitations do expire after 14 days.

Resending or revoking an invitation 

If your teammate hasn’t received an email to join your organization on Muck Rack or if you would like to rescind your invitation to a teammate:

  1. Go to your Team 

  2. Find and click your teammate’s name

  3. Click Resend or Revoke 

These options only appear if your teammate has not accepted their invitation yet. If your teammate has accepted their invitation but cannot access their account, they can reset their password

Deactivating existing teammates

When a teammate no longer works for your organization, you can deactivate their account to ensure they can no longer login to Muck Rack. 

  1. Go to your Team 

  2. Find and click on your teammate’s name

  3. Click Deactivate

Changing access or roles 

Team management allows you to easily change the role for any existing teammate. 

  1. Go to your Team 

  2. Find and click your teammate’s name

  3. Select the new Role

  4. Click Save

For example, if you’re going on vacation and would like a different teammate to have full access to Muck Rack until you return:

  1. Go to your Team 

  2. Find and click your own name

  3. Click Deactivate

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