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Email sending limits that exist when Email Integrations isn't enabled
Email sending limits that exist when Email Integrations isn't enabled
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If you haven't opted into Email Integrations, which is Muck Rack's preferred method for sending Pitches, every organization has a monthly limit for the number of emails that can be sent using Pitches. These safeguards (also referred to as your limit or quota) help maintain the trusted relationship between Muck Rack, journalists and the internet service providers that make sure emails are successfully delivered. 

Your sending quota can be found in your Organization Settings, it is reset at the beginning of every month and is initially determined based on the number of full access users in your Muck Rack organization and whether DNS records have been set up to send emails from your company’s domain. 

In addition to the email quota, Muck Rack monitors the quality of emails sent on an ongoing basis. Organizations that send high-quality emails and that comply with Muck Rack’s email sending guidelines are eligible to have their quota automatically increased. Not complying with Muck Rack’s email sending guidelines or abusing and misusing Pitches can result in a decrease in your organization’s sending quota.

When your email quota is reached or exceeded

We understand that you may need to send more emails during some months. It’s also important that your teammates are able to send pitches after a month of high usage or while an email limit increase request is being reviewed. That’s why your organization’s limit is flexible and we often allow some additional emails to be sent after your quota has been exceeded.

If you’re aware of an upcoming campaign or project that will require an increased email quota, we suggest you submit a request to increase your sending limits in advance. Learn more about increasing your email sending limits.

If you routinely exceed the quota month after month, failure to submit a request to increase your sending limit may result in a reduced quota in future months. 

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