Increasing your email sending limits
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To apply for higher sending limits on Muck Rack, an Admin for your organization on Muck Rack must submit the email sending limit increase request form.

This form should be submitted when your organization has exceeded the quota and it’s likely you will either:

  • Frequently exceed the quota in subsequent months, or

  • Exceed the quota due to an upcoming pitch in the current month

If you routinely exceed the quota month after month, failure to submit a request to increase your sending limits may result in reduced quotas in future months. 

After your request is received

We typically respond to requests for limit increases within two business days via email.  

In some cases, we might contact you to request additional information or provide steps that will serve as prerequisites before your sending limits can be increased. Sending limit requests are evaluated based on a variety of factors including your adherence to Muck Rack’s email sending guidelines

Requests for increases to email sending limits can be approved in full, partially approved or denied. If your request for increased sending limits is denied, you can resubmit the request form 30 days after it was initially submitted. 

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