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Nobody likes spam. Muck Rack is built to help you create valuable, personal interactions with journalists. That’s why we’ve designed Pitches on Muck Rack to combat the mass distribution of untargeted pitches and press releases. 

Before you can send your first pitch through Muck Rack, you’ll need to confirm that you will comply with these guidelines. These guidelines are written to protect both your and Muck Rack’s email sending reputation. 

Our guidelines:

  • 👌 Send targeted emails
    Muck Rack makes finding the right journalists simple and personalizing a message to them is even easier. Only send pitches to recipients who are the right fit for your email and personalize your message to them whenever possible. 

  • 📩 Send to the right recipients
    Consistently not receiving replies or having your emails remain unopened? Remove those recipients from your future outreach to avoid poor sending practices and message performance.

  • 🕵 Be transparent
    When necessary or if emails aren’t personalized, choose to include the easy-to-use unsubscribe option and add your organization’s physical address to your emails.

  • 📝 Only great content
    Your organization is working hard to spread the word about important campaigns and projects that can change the world. Pitches on Muck Rack shouldn’t be used to send emails that mislead recipients or include offensive, distressing or illegal content. 

Message performance 📈

Poor sending practices can be bad news for your organization. High complaint rates mean people receiving your messages aren’t happy about it, and if you aren’t sending quality content in your emails, it may get flagged as spam by the person it was sent to. 

If you exceed our reasonable internal limits and safeguards, we reserve the right to decrease your sending limits or suspend your ability to send emails entirely while our team investigates. If we feel you are misusing our platform and we don’t see an improvement within a reasonable, defined period that we set, we may withdraw your access to the Muck Rack platform altogether.

Contact 💬

We know that occasionally things can go wrong and mistakes can be made. If at any time you are concerned that these guidelines or our terms of service may have been breached, please notify us as soon as you become aware at

Thank you very much for reviewing these guidelines. We hope that Muck Rack can help you create meaningful, personal connections with journalists.

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