If you are adhering to Muck Rack’s email sending guidelines, we may automatically increase your organization’s quota. Often, we automatically increase the quota before you actually need it and you won’t need to take any action.

To qualify for an automatic quota increase, all of the following need to be true:

  • You send high-quality content that your recipients want to receive
    Send content that journalists want and expect. Stop sending to journalists who don't open your emails or have requested to be removed from future emails.
  • You send near your current quota
    Qualify for an automatic limit increase by regularly approaching your current quota.
  • You have low bounce and complaint rates
    Minimize the number of bounces and complaints from email addresses added to pitches that are not listed in profiles maintained by Muck Rack. A high number of bounces from emails that aren’t maintained by Muck Rack and/or complaints received from journalists can have a negative impact on your sending limit.
  • You have set up DNS records to send email through your domain
    Set up DNS records so the emails your teammates send through Muck Rack appear as sent from your organization’s own email domain. Only organizations that have valid DNS records are eligible for automatic quota or limit increases. Learn more about setting up DNS records.
  • You have sent multiple, targeted pitches on Muck Rack rather than infrequent, large ones
    Spread the emails sent by your organization across frequent pitches to smaller, more-targeted lists of journalists, rather than sending to large, less-targeted lists. 

If your current sending limits aren't adequate for your needs and have not been automatically adjusted, you can request an increase.

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