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How are Custom Contacts different from maintained Muck Rack profiles?
How are Custom Contacts different from maintained Muck Rack profiles?
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Custom Contacts allow teams to add people to Muck Rack who are not eligible to be included in Muck Rack’s database due to our criteria ( 

Custom Contacts are created when a Media List is imported and a person in your media list file cannot be matched to an existing Muck Rack profile, either with a matching email address or Twitter handle. Your organization can also create Custom Contacts from the Custom Contacts page or from any Media List on your team's account. Custom Contacts can include specific people or generic contacts (ex:

Custom Contacts are only visible your organization, and they are not part of Muck Rack’s maintained database of journalists. 

Because Custom Contacts are only visible to one organization, they cannot appear in search results and Muck Rack does not track new bylines or Tweets for Custom Contacts.

If we ever add a person to our database who matches one of your Custom Contacts, we will promote your contact to the profile maintained by Muck Rack’s team. All of your team’s data about that contact, like activities and relationship owners, will remain private. 

Here’s an overview of the key differences between Custom Contacts and profiles maintained by Muck Rack:

  • Custom Contacts will not appear in your search results

  • Custom Contacts won't populate with new articles or Tweets matching the author

  • Custom Contacts aren't updated by Muck Rack's team 

Learn how to add a Custom Contact

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