An Introduction to Newsletters

Create and send news to teammates in a beautiful, easy-to-curate email.

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Sending important news about your company, competitors and industry is crucial for making sure colleagues at your organization are equipped with must-know information. With Newsletters on Muck Rack, you can easily showcase your team’s press hits and important news in a beautiful, easy-to-curate email. 

Setup a template and save time

Each Newsletter has a template that can include your logo, brand’s colors, and a customized header and footer. Instead of spending your time fretting over the design of an email, your template will be applied to all future Editions sent. 

Add Articles and edit content quickly

Sharing articles to inform your colleagues is the real power of an internal Newsletter. Finding and choosing that content doesn’t need to be difficult. Muck Rack’s Article Search and automatically generated Coverage Reports makes discovering articles for any keyword, brand or topic simple. Then, quickly add the most important articles to Sections in your Newsletter. Each article in your Newsletter includes a snippet of text that’s completely customizable, too.  

Track employee engagement

Find yourself wondering if your executive team is aware of the most recent industry happenings? Sending Newsletters on Muck Rack gives you insight into which teammates open, click and engage with the email sent. 

Ready to send the first Edition of your Newsletter? Get started by creating and editing your Newsletter Settings & Template.

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