Every Newsletter has a template that can include your logo, brand’s colors, and a customized header and footer. Instead of spending your time fretting over the design of an email, your template will be applied to all future Editions sent. By default, each team using Muck Rack has access to one template. If you'd like to set up multiple Newsletter templates, contact our support team through the chat icon in the bottom-right to share your use case for additional templates.

Create or edit your Newsletter Settings & Template

  1. From the Reporting in your navigation, select Newsletters

  2. Click Create New (or select the Actions menu next to your existing Newsletter and Edit) 

  3. In the General section, enter details to help you organize your Newsletter in Muck Rack and select settings about each Edition of your Newsletter

  4. Select or create a Newsletter Subscribers List

Customize your Newsletter Template

By default, Editions of your Newsletter will include the color, header, sections and footer selected in your Newsletter Settings & Template. 

Article links color

Each article link in your Newsletter will appear with the title of the article, hyperlinked to the article hosted on the Media Outlet website. Select a color or enter a color hex for each link title.  

Section headings color

Sections help organize articles in an Edition of your Newsletter. The section title color can be customized by selecting a color or entering a color hex.

Email header

The email header is used for copy or logos that should be included in every Edition of your Newsletter. This may be a standard greeting or overview of what’s included in your organization’s Newsletter. The header of your Newsletter can also be edited before every Edition is sent. 

If you're including a logo in the header or footer, be aware that the full width of the email is about 600px. To achieve the best appearance and resolution, a good size guideline for a full width image in the header or footer would be a width in the 600px to 1000px range.


Sections help organize articles in each Edition of your Newsletter. Sections added to your Newsletter Template will be automatically included when you create a new Edition but can also be removed before an Edition is sent.

Creating a Section in your Newsletter Template allows you to easily add articles to your Newsletter from Article Search or Coverage Reports. 

Commonly used sections are: 

  • Company news

  • Competitors news

  • Industry news

  • Campaign specific news

Enter a description for each section that is also added to an Edition of your Newsletter to explain what type of articles are included. 

Email footer

The email footer is used for a signature, copy, logos or address that should be included in every Edition of your Newsletter. The footer of your Newsletter can also be edited before every Edition is sent. 

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