Setting up your Newsletter Subscribers List

Create and manage the list of people who receive your Newsletter

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Subscribers Lists organize the people who will receive each Edition of your Newsletter. Recipients added to your Subscribers List will only receive future Editions of your Newsletter. 

Newsletters are designed to share coverage internally with your colleagues, so Subscribers Lists are built to only accept email addresses that match your organization's domain. 

Click here to create your Newsletter's Subscribers List. You can have more than one Subscribers List on your account if you share certain content with different groups of people.

Contact us if you’d like to bulk import your Subscribers List, add a person to your subscriber list outside of your organization or if you’d like to learn more about sending a Newsletter to an existing internal email distribution list. Your Subscribers List can include up to 5,000 people.

If you are sending over a file for our team to import, it needs to be an xlsx file with a header with at least the following columns first name, last name, and email. If some rows are distribution lists, you can add an additional is distribution list column and set it to yes.

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