Custom Contacts let you easily pitch and track relationship history with people you don’t find in Muck Rack’s database. You can add Custom Contacts to any Media List or from your organization’s Custom Contacts list. 

Custom Contacts can be created for people or generic email addresses like news desks. When adding a Custom Contact, if we find a match to an existing Muck Rack profile, we’ll add the maintained Muck Rack profile to your Media List instead.

To add a Custom Contact to an existing Media List:

  1. Select a Media List

  2. From the Media List, click Add Contact and Add Custom Contact

  3. Choose Person or Generic contact

  4. Enter your Custom Contact’s information

  5. Click Save

To edit a Custom Contact:

  1. Find your Custom Contact in a Media List or your organization’s Custom Contacts list 

  2. In the Actions menu, select Edit

  3. Update your Custom Contact’s information (if you need to edit the email address or Twitter handle, please contact us)

  4. Click Save

Do you have quite a few Custom Contacts you're looking to add? If so, please contact our team. We can import those contacts for you in bulk to save you time.

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