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Trends on Muck Rack instantly analyzes and compares articles published about any topic to show how news is trending. 

Search for two or more topics and Muck Rack instantly combs through millions of articles to bring you insights like the number of articles published over time, top media outlets and journalists, and share-of-voice.

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While Google Trends provides data about what people are searching for, it doesn’t paint a full picture of what is getting the most press and only measures terms on a relative scale of one to 100. Muck Rack Trends shows how many articles mention a term over a set period of time.

What's the source of the article data? 

Article data comes from the news sources around the world that Muck Rack indexes. 

What is the 'Articles Over Time' graph useful for?

The Articles Over Time graph shows how many articles were written about a given term over time. A term can consist of any topics or keywords you’d like to evaluate. 

Hover over points on the graph to see the specific # of articles written in a given month. 

You can currently analyze up to 10 terms concurrently. 

What is Share of Voice?

Share of Voice provides a breakdown of the number of articles mentioning a given term out of the total number of articles written about all searched terms. 

Hover over the share of voice graph to see the %s each term represents out of all articles analyzed.

How are top authors and top outlets determined? 

Top Authors and Top Media Outlets are calculated by the number of articles published by a person or publication. An author or media outlet that has published the most articles appears first in the Top Authors list.

Click any author or outlet to view their Muck Rack profile.

  • See if there have been any spikes or dips in the number of articles published about a given topic or set of topics. 

  • See who has published the most articles about a given topic or set up topics (e.g. top authors about ‘baseball’ and ‘basketball’) 

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