Muck Rack makes it easy for you to see when journalists you care about change jobs in your Media Lists and on profile pages.  

The green job changed badge appears when a new media outlet or title has been added for any person in your organization’s Media Lists or for any profile you’ve previously viewed.

Easily dismiss the badge wherever they appear by clicking the X icon on the badge. Manually dismissing a job change badge does not remove the badge for any teammates in your organization -- that way, they can see who has changed jobs when they return to Muck Rack.

Under each job update, you can view the journalist's former title and media outlet. You can also click Congratulate to automatically open a new email to the journalist (learn more about using the Pitches tool here.)

You can view journalist's previous job updates by clicking Job History in their journalist profile.

Job updates across all of your team's Media Lists are emailed to your email address associated with your log-in. You can also view other relevant job updates on your Job Updates page.

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