Adding broadcast clips to Coverage Reports

Can I add broadcast clips to Coverage Reports?

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Yes! You can add both clips in bulk from search and also add any clips you've saved.

How to add Saved Clips to Coverage Reports:

Saving clips enable you to choose the specific timeframe of the clip you want to include in your report and ensure the shareable links won't expire. Once you save a broadcast clip to your account, you can add it to any Coverage Report by following the steps below:

  1. View your Saved Broadcast Clips from the Reporting tab

  2. Select the checkbox located to the left-hand side of each clip you'd like to add

  3. Click Add to Coverage Report

How to add clips in bulk in Search:

You can also add Broadcast clips from a search if you're looking to quickly add numerous clips. You can do this by:

  1. Entering your desired search keyword(s) in the Broadcast tab of a search

  2. Select the box next to your desired clips

  3. Click Add to Coverage Report in the upper right and select your desired report to add the selected clips to

Please note that Broadcast clips that are added to a Coverage Report without saving retain only the transcript and clip data after 90 days. All other unsaved clips retain the video and audio 30 days from airing and the transcript 90 days from airing.

If you wish to have clip data available in your Coverage Report after 30 days, you should save the clip prior to adding it to your report.

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