An introduction to Email Logging
BCC or forward emails to Muck Rack for tracking conversations
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Every day, members of your PR team are building relationships, scheduling interviews and communicating with journalists over email. Adding notes about each email interaction is too time-consuming, but collecting the history of your relationships is critical for maintaining them in the future.

Email Logging on Muck Rack makes tracking your relationship history simple. BCC or forward emails to, and the content of your message is added automatically as an Activity on each journalist’s profile. The Activity created includes the content of your email thread, so your team can see how pitches were responded to, which meetings took place and important details that have helped each of your campaigns come to life.

Why log emails?

When your teammates use email logging on Muck Rack, relationship history is no longer stuck in one person’s inbox. With your team logging emails on Muck Rack, you'll have:

  • One centralized system to collect and access past emails, meeting invitations and interactions with journalists 📨

  • Critical information for managing relationships at your fingertips (even if your teammates are on vacation) 🏝

  • Details about how journalists have responded to past pitches 🕰

How to log emails

Send an email from your mail client (Gmail, Outlook, etc) and add in the BCC or forward line of the email.

Emails must be sent from the email address you use to log in to Muck Rack. 

Muck Rack automatically identifies all email addresses from your message, then creates an Email Log with the content of your email on any matching profile. Emails sent to Muck Rack are only visible to teammates in your organization.

After your email is sent, you’ll receive an email confirmation denoting which email addresses matched existing profiles and any email addresses that did not. Any email address that was not matched can be added as a Custom Contact and an Email Log will automatically be created on the profile.

To prevent specific emails from being matched to profiles, add email addresses or full domains to the Ignored email patterns list. Your organization’s domains will automatically be added to the list.

Access all messages logged by your team in Muck Rack as well as their participants and the Ignored email patterns list in your Organization Settings.

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