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Using Contact Preferences and your Do Not Contact list
Using Contact Preferences and your Do Not Contact list

Share important notes about contacting journalists with your teammates

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With Contact Preferences on Muck Rack, your team can add essential information about working with a journalist to any profile for every teammate to see. Easily denote how and when journalists like to be pitched, topics to avoid, or add them to your Do Not Contact list and prevent your teammates from contacting them in the future.

Adding Contact Preferences

To add Contact Preferences, click Edit in the Contact section of any profile.

The text entered will be displayed above the Contact Information in a profile, so your most important notes are always visible to your teammates.

Every time Contact Preferences are changed, a new Activity is created and you can easily see which teammates edited Contact Preferences last and when. Contact Preferences are also displayed throughout Pitches, so you can always send the most targeted, relevant emails to the journalists you’re interacting with.

About the Do Not Contact list

In addition to Contact Preferences, the Do Not Contact list helps your team prevent future outreach to any person.

All teammates can mark profiles as Do Not contact from the Contact Preferences section when editing a profile. When saved, the most recent text in the Contact Preferences field will display on the profile, all contact information will be hidden, and Pitches will not be sent to this person in the future.

Organization Admins can remove profiles from the Do Not Contact list and can still edit Custom Contact Information. That way, you can easily add email addresses or phone numbers that should not be used by your team to any existing profile.

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