With your team using Muck Rack to pitch journalists and track relationship information, it’s important to understand how to prevent outreach to a journalist and what it means when a journalist unsubscribes.

Email Suppression list

Contains emails that have unsubscribed or bounced from pitches you’ve sent through Muck Rack. When an email address is suppressed because the person has unsubscribed, the journalist is also added to your Do Not Contact list.

Do Not Contact list

Contains profiles that have been marked as Do Not Contact by your teammates or who have unsubscribed from Pitches your organization sent through Muck Rack. All teammates can add to the Do Not Contact list. Only Organization Admins can remove profiles from the Do Not Contact list.


In more detail

Before a Pitch is sent to each recipient on Muck Rack, we automatically check if the person you’re pitching to has been added to your organization’s Do Not Contact list or if the email address you’re sending to exists on your email suppression list.

The Do Not Contact list on Muck Rack is added to and maintained by your organization. Any teammate can mark a profile as Do Not contact and only Admins can remove profiles from the Do Not Contact list. When a profile exists on your Do Not Contact list, contact information will not be displayed on their profile and this person will not receive Pitches through Muck Rack in the future.

If a journalist is sent a Pitch through Muck Rack and chooses to unsubscribe, their email address is automatically added to your organization’s Email Suppression list, and their profile is added to the Do Not Contact list. Email addresses that unsubscribed to a Pitch sent through Muck Rack will remain on the Email Suppression list even if an Organization Admin removes this profile from the Do Not Contact list.

For example, if a recipient unsubscribes from emails sent to their personal email address, your Organization Admin can remove the person from the Do Not Contact list. Pitches will not be sent to that email address in the future, but once removed from the Do Not Contact list, teammates can view contact information, pitch to a different email address provided by Muck Rack for this person or add a different email address as Custom Contact Information.

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