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What is the difference between Audience and UVM in Muck Rack?
What is the difference between Audience and UVM in Muck Rack?
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A Muck Rack media outlet profile has a wealth of information including a bio, contact details, media markets, social media and more. Of those, we display UVM and Audience as a way to see the potential reach of an outlet.

UVM (Unique Visitors per Month)

The number of people who visit the outlet’s domain each month. A domain is what people type into their browser to find a website e.g. We partner with SimilarWeb to provide these UVMs. This is a strictly digital metric.


An audience (also referred to as circulation) number will only appear on print or broadcast outlets like magazines, newspapers, radio and television shows. It represents the total print distribution, radio listenership, or TV viewership for a media outlet. These numbers are sourced directly from an outlet’s media kit or from media auditing services.

For Broadcast clips, audience numbers are for the individual clip, not for the TV or radio station overall. Therefore, if there is a Broadcast clip that ran on CNBC with an audience number, there could also be other CNBC clips that do not have an audience number.

Audience does not include any digital metrics like UVM. If you come across a print outlet missing this information, request an update on the outlet page, and the Muck Rack team will research the information for you.

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