Why didn't I receive my test email?
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If you sent either a test Pitch or a test Newsletter to your email address and did not receive it, please search for the subject line of the Pitch or Newsletter in your email inbox. In addition, please click through any spam or promotions folders.

If you’re unable to locate the email, there may be a situation where the email is blocked by a setting or filter within your organization’s email provider or settings. To resolve this:

  1. Send a test email to a non-work email address that you own. For example, yourpersonalemail@gmail.com.

  2. If this test email is successfully received, use it to validate if the Pitch or Newsletter appears as expected and send it to your recipients.

  3. Reach out to your IT team and ask if there are any emails being sent to your email that are being blocked.

  4. If the blocked emails include the test email, please ask your IT team to adjust the settings that will allow you to receive these tests in the future.

  5. Once the settings have been updated by your IT team, test emails should successfully deliver to your work email address going forward.

If you’re not receiving the test Pitch or Newsletter to any email, or if your IT team has not indicated that any emails have been blocked, please write to support@muckrack.com, and we’ll help to resolve quickly.

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