Connect your email to Muck Rack
Use our Email Integration to connect your email account to Muck Rack as the preferred option for sending Pitches.
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Easily connect your email (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) account in Muck Rack to send emails with Pitches -- Muck Rack’s tool for sending personalized, targeted emails to journalists. Once your email address is connected on Muck Rack, any email sent is automatically logged on the journalist’s profile and will also appear in your email outbox.

With Email Integrations, you can authenticate your email quickly, often without needing support from your IT team. When you connect your email, you're issued a personal sending quota that is based on the limitations of your own email provider. The limits imposed on your sending in Muck Rack closely match the daily limits provided by your email client. Every email provider allows for a different number of emails to be sent in a given day, and that can vary more granularly by email provider.

To connect your email in Muck Rack

  1. In the Pitches section, click Connect Email

  2. Follow the prompts to authenticate and connect your email

Sending a test pitch

When you first configure Muck Rack's Email Integration, a test pitch will automatically be sent to the email used during the setup process.

To view the test email status, navigate to Account Settings and under Email Integration click View connection status.

Supported Email Clients

  • Gmail and Google Apps.

  • Microsoft Exchange (ActiveSync) and Microsoft Office365.


  • Yahoo! Mail

  • iCloud

  • Custom IMAP providers and many more

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