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Common questions and answers surrounding Email Integrations
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Connecting your email to Muck Rack

What does connecting an inbox to Muck Rack do?

Connecting your email address in Muck Rack allows you to use Pitches for sending personalized emails to journalists. Once your email address is connected to Muck Rack, any email sent will be automatically logged on the journalist’s profile and it will also appear in your connected inbox's Sent folder.

What if I use a different email address to log into Muck Rack than I send emails from?

No problem! Contact us and we’ll set up your account so you can connect the email address you send emails with to Muck Rack without changing your login email address.

Please note that Email Integration does not support sending with an alias today. You can only send emails via Muck Rack from the email address that you use to log into your email client (Gmail, Outlook, etc.).

How do I set up the email integration?

You can find the integration link by navigating to your Account Settings, or through this direct link:

If you are unable to integrate your email using the link above, you'll need to reach out to your IT Team to successfully integrate your email. They may ask you to describe the details of the integration and what the Muck Rack platform does. Below is a template you may use when communicating with your IT Team.

Email Integration Communication Template

Muck Rack is a public relations platform with 3 main features:

  • Database searching

  • Pitching

  • Reporting

One of our core features is the ability to send and track emails from the Muck Rack platform to our database of contacts. We have the most up-to-date security and privacy practices (SOC 2, two-factor authentication is required, GDPR compliant - view our Trust Report here). We also discourage mass emails and large contact lists.

For more information about our email integration and pitching features, as well as our third-party integration provider, please see our Help Center article and the links below:

Let us know if you have any questions.

NOTE: If your organization uses Outlook, Outlook Admin credentials will be required to fully integrate. Ensure your IT Team is aware of this final step to complete email integration with Muck Rack.

Sending pitches through Muck Rack

What does Muck Rack do with the body text of emails I send through the platform?

Muck Rack only ever uses the text of your emails to display the emails on the profile of the recipient or in your Activity. Muck Rack doesn’t share that information to people outside your team, sell it, or engage in any sort of anonymized collection of email bodies for analytics.

How long will it take for my emails to send?

When sending a pitch, clicking Send Now will immediately begin sending your batch of pitches. Pitches sent with an Email Integration are sent directly from your email client, which means that pitches to hundreds of recipients may take time to full process in your queue.

More specifically, Pitches to 500 recipients can take anywhere up to 10-15 minutes for all recipients to receive your email. Pitches over this amount can take a bit more time, but aren’t a recommended practice when building relationships with journalists (as seen in our guide for pitching media).

In most cases, your recipients will receive your pitch in a short matter of minutes after clicking Send in Muck Rack.

Once my email address is connected, will emails I send outside of Muck Rack be automatically logged?

No. Emails sent from outside of Muck Rack are only logged once they’ve been forwarded or BCC’d to

If I connect my email address, will it impact sending newsletters?

Email Integrations do not apply to sending Newsletters on Muck Rack. By default, Newsletters sent through Muck Rack will come from

To send Newsletters through Muck Rack from your email address, contact us. We’ll share information and steps for your IT team.

How many emails can I send once my email is connected?

Once you’ve connected your email address, the number of emails you can send on Muck Rack is based on your email client’s existing limits.

Every email provider allows for a different number of emails to be sent in a given day. Once you’ve connected your email, your account is allocated a daily email limit. By default, your daily email limit on Muck Rack will be 20% less than your email client’s default limit.

The number of emails you send through Muck Rack or through your email client outside of Muck Rack contribute to your daily limit. Exceeding your email client’s sending limits can result in being locked out of your email account (in some cases for 24 hours).

If you exceed your email client’s limits, we are unable to help or provide assistance in unlocking their email account.

Here's some additional guidance around sending limits per email client:

Can I connect multiple email addresses in Muck Rack?

Today, only one email address can be connected to your account in Muck Rack.

We’d love to know more about how and why you’d like to connect multiple email addresses so we can continue improving Email Integrations on Muck Rack.

Pitching security

How does Muck Rack handle security with Email Integrations?

Whenever we transmit or store your data, Muck Rack works hard to protect it. For example, Muck Rack encrypts data while exchanging it with your computer and uses top security measures to prevent unauthorized or unintended access to our network. Read more about how Muck Rack safeguards your data here.

What email information is accessible to Muck Rack when I integrate my email?

We use a third-party partner that enables you to directly integrate their mailbox with Muck Rack. Right now, this integration only uses a scope to send email—which means that we only have permission to access data in email sent through Muck Rack. No data is accessible for emails sent outside of the integration/outside of Muck Rack, or throughout a user’s inbox. There are no permissions to read contacts, or calendar.

You can learn more about Data & Security at Muck Rack here.

Additional accompanying documentation:

Pitch troubleshooting

Why did my email inbox get disconnected?

If you receive a notification that your email inbox was disconnected, an issue may have occurred with your email provider, and you'll need to reconnect your inbox. Common issues that will cause an inbox to disconnect include:

  • Access was revoked to the Muck Rack app.

  • Your password to the email inbox account changed.

  • Based on the type of inbox you connected, there might be other reasons why your inbox got disconnected:

I received an error when connecting my email address

Not to worry - we’ll help you get set up! Reach out to our team, provide any error codes or messages you received and we’ll share some steps to troubleshoot the problem.

It is possible that the error you’re receiving is due to restrictions or limitations from your organization.

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